Monday, April 12, 2010

Gang, Hey

Gang, hey. Yes, it is me again with my hot of hottest blogsz. In fact, this could be my most controversial EVER.

Day 2 - Brushed teeth this morning. Ate breakfast afterwards. Mondaysz!
Mid-morning - Spilled HOT coffee on my shirt. I said it would be HOT. And it wasz.
Afternoon - Too busy closing big deal. No time for lunch. What bad economy? Get out of the way for PROgress folks.
Later afternoon - Dozed off at my desk.
Later again, but not quite as late as early evening - Awake, but moving slowly. Dow Jones up and so am I.
Time to head home. Out of my way people. I'm heading to my castle!!!

Does anyone know who won the golf tournament?

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  1. hey, great post. very interesting insight. thanks. you are an inspiration.